How To Have A Dream Visit With A Loved One In Spirit

Renowned Medium Suzanne Wilson’s instructions for dreamtime reunions with the departed

By Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium

Dream visits are a wonderful way to say, “I’m here, I’m doing great, and I love you!” And according to my friends in the dead community, it is possible for any of us to establish optimum circumstances that provide them with the energy boost they will need to come through to us while we sleep.

Are you ready to have a dream visit with a loved one in spirit? Here is a process that many have found to be successful for inviting a dream visit:

  1. Choose one night per week and ask for a dream visit that night.
  2. Let your loved one in spirit know. Extend an invitation in your mind. Talk out loud to your loved one if you can, since they enjoy that and it helps to increase the energy between you. Say something like, “(Name), on Sunday night I’m inviting you for a dream visit. Please come!”
  3. Remind your loved one daily. “Remember, we have a dream visit appointment on Sunday night.”
  4. Write your loved one’s name on a note. Tape it to your bathroom mirror. Every time you stand in your bathroom, you will see the name and send a loving thought.
  5. When the appointed day comes:
    ♦ Send out lots of thoughts of love and gratitude for that person during the day.
    ♦ Try to arrange your day so you will have as little stress as possible; although some stress is unavoidable, and that’s okay.
  6. On the night of the appointment, light a candle and meditate. Then place the following items near your bed:
    ♦ A plain glass or bowl of water, because water is a spirit conductor.
    ♦ A picture of your loved one.
    ♦ If possible, a personal item that had belonged to your loved one.
  7. Just before falling asleep, focus on a happy memory with that loved one; avoid thoughts that bring pain or grief.
  8. Ask for the gift of a dream visit, and ask for the gift of remembering the dream. Ask your angels to help.

In the morning, when you first awaken, close your eyes and allow your mind to drift a little. This is the best time to remember your dream visit. If you can’t recall that it happened, please let that be fine and don’t allow yourself to stress about it: remember that it will happen when the time is right. If you have any memory at all of a visit, write it down or make an audio recording of your experience immediately. And give gratitude!

Once you get the dream visit, wait a few months before asking the same loved one for another dream visit. If it doesn’t work the first or the second time, just be patient. Try it again in exactly one week, and each week after that, confidently expecting that it will happen when the time is right.

How Will You Know That What Happened Was Real?

A dream visit is generally brief and realistic. Your loved one will be instantly recognizable to you, but may appear younger and healthier. The dream will be very compassionate and loving! You may even feel your loved one hugging you. And that special personality and familiar mannerisms will be there, because dying doesn’t change anyone’s personality.

If the dream goes on and on; if it makes no sense; if it’s not like your loved one’s personality; if it feels dark or scary—then it was only a dream. Your subconscious mind is trying to work something out. Remember, your loved one has to practice, so don’t give up too easily. Try four weeks in a row before taking time off. Be patient.

Remember that no one we love is ever really lost. Death is not the end because only the body dies. Love lives forever!

Susanne Wilson is the keynote speaker at our Afterlife Fest on December 6, 2020, where she will be discussing what Spirit has to say about 2021.

About The Author

Susanne WilsonSusanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach About Spirit Communication.


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