Modern Renaissance of Clinical Alchemy

Sarah Akala is bringing the healing modality of the old ways to our modern society

By Ivory LaNoue

Sarah Akala entered my office in a swirl of long gleaming dark curls and layers of softly swaying feminine fabric. My first impression was of a young, modern woman. Then I had a psychic vision of her as a gypsy in another lifetime. I put that on the back burner and focused on Sarah, here and now.

As our conversation unfolded, I learned that Sarah does have roots in the Roma culture. Though she came to Sedona from Santa Barbara, her ancestors were from Poland and Eastern Europe.

I felt the merging of an ancient culture with our contemporary civilization. Then she delved into explaining her work and I was transfixed.

History of Alchemy

Sarah informed me that, “It (alchemy) has been called the perennial philosophy.” I found this very interesting. Having done some medieval alchemy myself, I know that many people hear the word “alchemy” and conjure up images of sorcery, magic, and desperate attempts to make gold.

That is so far from the gleaming scientific lab Sarah and her husband, Ocean, have in west Sedona. It is much more about precision and purity of ingredients, intentions, and product.

Sarah Akala is a modern clinical alchemist that focuses on women’s health
Sarah Akala is a modern clinical alchemist that focuses on women’s health

Our Alchemical Lineage Began in Ancient Egypt

I knew that alchemy was a science that had been around for a long time, but until Sarah told me, I did not know that it was widely used until the Library of Alexandria was burned by the Christian church.

From there alchemy migrated into Persia and the Middle East. There it flourished for 1,000 years. Sarah explained that the science of alchemy improved dramatically at that time. “It was a grand period of distillation and advancements in the alchemical sciences.”

She went on to explain that during the crusades, alchemical knowledge made its way to Europe and began to take hold. Paracelsus was a great alchemist in the 1400s who left many recipes for spagyrics and mineral alchemy.

He was very focused on the clinical applications of the alchemical medicines. The lineage of modern clinical alchemy is directly linked to his teachings.

Right here is where I had to ask what a spagyric is. I had never heard the word before. I found this interesting as I have been involved with, and interested in, alternative healing for decades.

What is Clinical Alchemy?

Sarah briefly told me that she would be happy to tell me what a spagyric is, but needed to tell me more about her work first. She said that clinical alchemy is a complete healing modality; “A unique system of healing that looks at the correspondences of the heavenly bodies and our own body.”

This system has its own herbal/mineral medicines that are designed to work on the three layers of the body. In alchemy they are known as:

Salt=physical or gross body

Mercury=energy body or Prana

Sulfur= Spirit or soul


Hearing this I remarked that it reminded me of Ayurvedic medicine. Sarah agreed that there are similarities.

I was fascinated about the correlation she mentioned between the heavenly bodies and our bodies. Sarah quoted from the Emerald Tablet, “We see the body and its organ systems as linked to the planets and the heavenly movements.”

My thought was that this is a type of alternative medicine that is made for the metaphysical world. It has elements that many of us are interested in: astrology, ancient history, natural ingredients, and an individual approach.

What is a Spagyric?

At this point, she could answer my question about what a spagyric is.

As explained by Sarah, a Spagyric is a medicine produced by alchemical procedure. They are made from one of the three kingdoms:


Sarah becomes effervescent as she describes the precise process she and Ocean use in their lab. “We use fermentation, distillation, and the extraction of the mineral components to create full spectrum extracts continuously imbued with the energy of the universe.”

I did some research afterward and learned that spagyrics are powerful, potent, and energetic. They are superior to factory mixed tinctures which contain only 1/3 or 2/3 of the essential plant essences that a spagyric has.

Sarah working in her alchemical lab in Sedona, Arizona
Sarah working in her alchemical lab in Sedona, Arizona

Plant Planet Connection

Each plant in alchemy has a planetary correspondence that relates to its inner crystal matrix. Sarah explains that, “In alchemy we use the art of crystallography. This allows us to categorize each plant to the appropriate planet base of its internal crystal structure.”

One aspect of Sarah’s business that stood out to me is that they put immense intention into the entire process. They plant and harvest according to the planetary timing of each plant. They prepare plants and each spagyric with intentions specific to what each formula is meant to do.

I visited her website and found this information, “The extractions are performed in the zenith of the corresponding planet’s heavenly transit. Combined with this intense cosmic energy are the medicinal compounds and mineral components of the plants. This is achieved through a process of separating and recombining, which results in a truly full-spectrum spagyric essence. The end result is a potent essence capable of communicating directly with your body; restoring balance and supporting the body’s natural healing processes.”

Healing Journey With Spagyrics

Sarah shared with me what lead her to focus solely on women’s health. She had experienced severe, long-term issues with her reproductive organs. Her health declined to a point where western medicine had nothing further to offer her. She turned to alchemy.

Through use of her spagyric essences and other alchemical medicines, she healed naturally. Sarah was able to keep her uterus and ovaries; something the medical doctors didn’t believe was possible. This experience is what sold her on the power of spagyrics.

Over the years, Sarah has realized that she prefers to specialize in women’s health and our unique needs. She works with the underlying energetics of our system and helps to process pain and suffering from the subtle bodies so we may live our highest potential.

Sarah brings more than 20 years of experience with botanical medicine and natural health to her work. Speaking with her, I found her to be highly articulate, intelligent, focused, and dedicated to helping women to achieve their best health. Not just their physical health, but also mental and emotional.

While she offers a good array of spagyric essences, she feels two in particular are of assistance to most women: the Happiness Elixir and the 7 Planetary Anointing Kit.

She states that these products are a great place to start your journey to health with spagyric essences.

The Modern Age of Alchemy

Sarah takes the ancient knowledge of alchemy into the modern world. She offers a method of healing that incorporates the wisdom of the ancients with the strict preparation methods we have come to expect from anything we ingest.

Sometimes the old ways prove to be exactly what we need in order to heal.

About The Author

Ivory LaNoueIvory LaNoue is an evidence-based medium, psychic, angel communicator, and healer. She is a partner at Sedona Soul Sisters in Sedona, Arizona. Learn more at

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