Soul Proof

What millennials need to know about death and the meaning of life

By Susanne Wilson

Brian Weiss. Wayne Dyer. Deepak Chopra. Anita Morjani. Eben Alexander. Gary Schwartz. We all know these are big names—and Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, is associated with every one of them. And for good reason—as an author, documentary producer, experiential workshop leader, among many other things, for more than 40 years he has been a powerhouse in the spirituality and afterlife fields.

Pitstick is the author of the books Soul Proof and Radiant Wellness, and his latest book The Eleven Questions, shares his and eleven experts’ answers—including Anita Moorjani and Caroline Myss—to the most commonly asked questions about life, death, and afterlife.

Undoubtedly his most cutting-edge project yet is The SoulPhone Foundation, which supports the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona to enable spirit-communication with “departed” loved ones. Yes, you heard that right! If images are brought to mind of phoning and texting with someone you love who has passed on, you’d be correct—that’s exactly what is coming!

I spoke with Pitstick about what he has learned about life from his decades working with the dying, the link between millennials and depression and suicide (and what to do about it), and just how soon we’ll be able to telephone our loved ones in Spirit.

Mark Pitstick
Mark Pitstick

Thank you for making the time to speak with Spirit Guides Magazine! Let’s begin with what your path was like, evolving from chiropractic healthcare into your life now as a highly respected spiritual teacher and author?

Intertwined. I became a chiropractic physician, in large part, because of the commonality between chiropractic and yoga: proper alignment and flexibility of the spine resulting in optimal nerve and energy flow. Over time, I experienced personally and observed professionally the interplay between body, mind, and spirit. I now consider whole foods, exercise, rest, and other self-care practices to be as integral to enlightenment as meditation, prayer, and yoga.

Many of our readers are into eating only whole foods or doing some type of meditative practice like yoga.

Millennials are the third generation to eat processed foods from nutritionally depleted top soil. Add a plethora of vaccines, antibiotics, and other potentially dangerous prescription drugs and the stage is set for many of the physical and “mental” symptoms so common today. When I first started practice, not long after the dinosaurs became extinct, young people had very few health problems. Now many suffer with a long list of ailments that can be prevented and reversed with natural methods.

Well, the dinosaurs might not be extinct if they had known about your seven keys to wellness! But seriously, we can’t be our best selves if we live on junk food, even if we do meditate or do yoga regularly, right?

It’s difficult to remember and demonstrate that you are an eternal being of energy/consciousness/spirit when you are experiencing depression, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, and so on. My book Radiant Wellness addresses the seven keys to optimal body/mind/spirit wellness so you can remember who you are and enjoy this brief and magnificent earth-adventure. Caring for the temple of your soul gives you the strength and balance to handle all of life’s changes and challenges with style.

You seem to be a tireless, goal-oriented person. Having worked with you, I’ve wondered if you are actually a twin, and there are two hard-working Mark Pitsticks! What motivates you?

I strongly feel that my essence/soul has been preparing for many lifetimes for the work I’m doing now. When I was five years old, my parents showed me a beautiful sunset and I told them it reminded me of God. This and other experiences suggest that I never totally forgot the greater reality. I’ve always been fiercely motivated to awaken, self-actualize, and help others do the same.

I’m also motivated to make our world a better place for my children and grandchildren. I love the Native American wisdom to consider seven generations ahead before embarking on any action.

Finally, it’s very clear to me that I get back so much more than I give. I’m enjoying a wonderful place of inner peace, joy, love, and vitality. Serving others regularly is part of why I am living at that higher, finer energetic level.

You’ve said that there really is nothing new about “New Age” topics. Would you explain what you mean?

Critics who consider “New Age” as being a recent fad are misinformed. Many of the ideas that some call New Age were actually around before Christ. Hindu, Buddhist, and Egyptian spiritual wisdom sources beautifully described the nature of reality and recognized that we each are important parts of All That Is. Early Greek and Roman philosophers such as Plato and Plotinus echoed the teachings that we each are one with the One and part of Source.

In the U.S., the Transcendentalism movement in the early 1800s included such notables as Emerson and Longfellow. That era gave birth to excellent denominations in America today: Unity, Unitarian/Universalist, and Centers for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind and Religious Science). Aldous Huxley used the term “perennial philosophy” to describe the golden threads of wisdom that appear in at least esoteric versions of all religions. I encourage people to learn from this timeless wisdom and listen to their wise inner guidance.

Many of our readers are just finding out about the SoulPhone project. Even though my part has been small, I can’t express how honored I am to work with you, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Rhonda Eklund Schwartz, and the SoulPhone team. Could you explain what the SoulPhone is and how people can learn more?

Dr. Gary Schwartz—with his team of electrical engineers, optical physicists, and software specialists at the University of Arizona—now has 99 percent certainty that at least one device will be reliably functioning in 2018. This technology will revolutionize many people and our world for the better.

Imagine calling up grandma-in-spirit to get her strudel recipe! Or better yet, picture yourself attending a presentation by Jesus of Nazarene via SoulPhone conference call! Getting back to the science now, would you explain a little bit about the SoulPhone technology?

The SoulPhone is a term to describe a series of anticipated spirit-communication devices:

a.) SoulSwitch is a binary ‘yes/no’ device to allow answers to specific questions and rudimentary communication with those who have crossed over.

b.) SoulKeyboard is a series of switches that will allow texting and typing with those who have passed on but definitely not passed away.

c.) SoulAudio will allow speaking with the “deceased” just as you can now talk with someone around the world by phone.

d.) SoulVideo will be like Skype or Zoom to allow seeing and hearing those who have graduated from earth-school.

We also should be able to communicate with “departed” luminaries—scientists, inventors, educators, entertainers, etc.—who want to help us heal and transform ourselves and this planet.

Speaking of Dr. Gary Schwartz, I understand that the two of you are co-authoring a book.

Dr. Schwartz and I are writing Greater Reality Living: Integrating the Evidence for Eternal Consciousness Into Your Daily Life. This book will serve as guide for Greater Reality Living online and via local groups around the world. You can learn more about all of this by visiting

Shifting gears, you’ve been a strong suicide prevention advocate. A recent article in the New York Post stated, “Millennials report higher rates of depression than any other generation and are now the biggest sector of the workforce, creating new challenges in work culture and mental health treatment.” What advice do you give someone who is contemplating suicide?

Suicide is often a lower-energy choice. It creates so much pain and suffering for loved ones left behind. Suicide also avoids facing tough challenges that souls choose for the service and growth opportunities. An earthly incarnation is such a rich and precious experience. I encourage people to work toward better solutions instead of bailing out early.

Finally, many souls who end their physical experience by suicide choose to revisit similar tests in another time/place. So why not have a breakthrough instead of a breakdown in this one? If you are thinking about suicide, consider the words by Led Zeppelin (one of my all-time favorite bands): “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” To learn more, read When You Are Considering Suicide.

Now, I want to ask you about a problem we all have: stress! Our readers experience pressures at work or school, family problems, and so on. Sometimes it’s challenging to remember that we’re all forever-beings-of-light. Stress can cause people to totally lose their perspective. However, you have developed insights on the “Six Stressors.” Could you share a couple of ways we can get back to center and deal with stress in a healthier way?

Humans in the 21st century are deluged with excess chemicals, heavy metals, offending foods, electro-magnetic fields, scars, and microorganism overgrowth (viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast/fungus). These stressors are behind many common symptoms but usually are not identified or treated. As you say, these and other factors can keep us from remembering who we are and fulfilling our missions. To learn what you can do about all this for yourself and loved ones, read the articles Nutritional Based Healing and Six Stressors.

This information may seem overwhelming and discouraging at first. However, making even small positive changes results in more energy, clarity, and happiness. Then you’ll be juiced to continue making more improvements and creating the greatest life you have envisioned.

Because you worked in hospital settings, you must have spoken to hundreds of people when they were dying. Some of the dying must have spoken with you about their joys and sorrows. Talk about parting wisdom! What advice can the dying teach us?

Great question, Susanne. People who smoked cigarettes, abused drugs, drank themselves stupid, or were obese sometimes pleaded with me: “Please tell others to take better care of themselves while they can. It’s too late for me, but maybe others will learn from my mistakes and avoid suffering greatly and dying so soon.”

Another theme was their advice to focus on the important things in life: loving relationships, meaningful lifework, enjoying each golden present moment, and service to others. Excess material goods and superficial pursuits were seen as stressors and impediments to happiness.

Finally, just before changing worlds, some patients became more interested in learning sensible answers to life’s biggest questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? What happens after I die? How can I best live while on earth?” You know the list. I hope that we all will learn from their words of wisdom.

To receive this wisdom while you’re still in your 20s or 30s is an extraordinary gift. Thank you for sharing so generously with Spirit Guides Magazine readers!

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Susanne WilsonSusanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach About Spirit Communication. Website:

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